SWIMSUIT season is here ! I have been getting a lot of traffic lately on  last years post on my best of the best picks for bigger bust swimwear.

Rant alert – ATTENTION all swimwear designers, manufacturers, department and online stores PLEASE make better and more on trend swimsuits for those of us with big heavenly momma jubba busts.

We are all not 80 years old. We are over bad floral, sailor stripes, conservative prints, polka dots & the tankini!!!!, We are not all plus sized so we need separates! We want to wear well constructed supportive versions of our friends swimsuits.

As mentioned in my last post my go to rules for online swimsuit shopping is whip that credit card out. Order in a few sizes and styles to see what fits your bust best and make sure you read the returns policy.

But I have saved you hours of searching the internets & done some extensive online digging to bring you the best of best bigger busts swimsuits picks for 2018.

Are you ready?


Asos gets major props from me for having an affordable and cool collection of fuller bust swimsuits and bikinis. They are always my first stop when hunting for a new swimsuit and I own quite a few swimsuits from their collection.


ASOS – Wolf and whistle lingerie inspired swimsuit & bikini is super sexy & flattering in black. Adjustable straps and is available in up to a G cup.


ASOS – Peek & Beau Bikini top in an adorable pink stripe looks super comfortable and summery. Peek & Beau Bardot Polka Dot Swimsuit is pool side worthy. I know many larger busts don’t do well with a bandeau but it comes with detachable straps for added support and that cute ruffle can actually minimise a bigger bust. Both swimsuits are also available in up to a G cup.


ASOS – Wolf and whistle mesh swimsuit is ticking all the boxes. Adjustable straps. Off the shoulder. Super flattering mesh waist. And a clasp back for added support. This swimsuit I think would suit larger bust woman and will serve some killer cleavage while still looking classy. Also available in up to a G cup.


Seafolly is my favourite designer swimwear brand when it comes to big boobs. The quality is amazing. They use hidden boning in a lot of their swimsuits and luxurious soft material. Seafolly swimsuits usually offer alot of support while managing to not look matronly. 6seafolly.jpg

SeafollyQuilted bralette bikini top has adjustable straps. Hidden underwire & boning for extra support. Although only available in a DD cup size they do run generously and may fit a smaller type E.


SeafollyBikini top is super sporty and sleek and easily matched to any black bikini bottom. Featuring boning on sides, adjustable straps which can be worn multiple ways. Available in up to an F cup. Seafolly Sahara swimsuit is a great option . The print is kind of cool and the black panels I am imagining give you a teeny tiny waist. It also has a cool cut out feature in the back which gives it a more youthful feel. Available in a DD cup.


Has a great collection of fuller bust swimwear that I am in love with. They don’t shy away from bold colours and prints and are on the affordable side which is rare in this niche market.

figleaf 1.jpg

FIGLEAVES – Festival Underwired Crop Top Bikini Top is currently in my shopping basket. I am enamoured with the tie dye pattern. It has hidden underwire support and is available in up to a G cup.  This bikini top would also double great worn under tanks and summer dresses.


FIGLEAVES – Bondi Beach Underwired Longline Bikini Top   I love the 80’s feel of this bikini top.  I also think longline bras and bikini tops are super flattering on a bigger bust and add extra support. It has a hidden underwire and is available in up to a GG cup.


Miss Mandalay – Icon Halter swimsuit  is killing it in the chic department. A classic swimsuit with modern touches that adds just the right amount of sexiness. Underwired with a clasp closure in back, side leg lacing & just the right amount of a  plunge neckline. Also available up to G cup.

So get poolside vacay straight up chilling this summer!

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I am back after a long winter hibernation. We fully adulted up and got our first little home out on the edge of Vienna. Although I adored living in the 4th district of Vienna for 5 years we came across this lovely little townhouse that was too good to give up.

What started as a minor cosmetic renovation turned into a full gut renovation and a big debt in a blink of an eye. What did I learn the last few months renovating is super expensive and I am in love with design. Out went the hours of online dress shopping and in went the hours of online light fixture, grout options and paint colours.

Originally we planned to re paint and sand back those blonde pine floors and re stain them. But the previous owners stamp of Austrian 1990’s bad design choices done a budget were too ugly to live beside. And all of a sudden walls were coming down. Open plan living and load bearing were hot topics. New flooring. Recessed lighting happened. And I pretty much lived in almost every OBI & Hornbach in Vienna.

So now for the big reveal my favourite room of the house. The kitchen.


As you can see the yellow walls and light floor and those green tiles were a major eyesore. The Kitchen was walled in separate to the living space. So we knocked down a whole wall and it was fun and dirty. But not at all in a sexual way.



By opening up the wall we were able to fit in a huge island which I am so in love. We ran all of the cabinetry along the existing wall, making the kitchen open and larger. We painted all the walls throughout this colour grey.


The kitchen is the IKEA Bodbyn cabinets.  I am super happy with the quality of the ikea cabinets although I will say planning this kitchen took a lot of work and many hours.

kitchen 4.jpg

I have waited my whole life for white subway tiles and a farmhouse sink and I love them more than pistachio ice cream. The sink and faucets are from ikea and is so big I could bathe a miniature pig in it if I had one.. The subway tiles are from OBI.


I wanted a moden cottage vibe with a touch of industrial.  Can I just say again I love subway tiles.


So now it’s complete I have to start cooking again. Eeek. I just want to look at its pretty face and order pizza for now.

More rooms to be unveiled shortly.

ps- I missed blogging.



Outfit: Classic Tomboy

Hey, this is officially my first sweatshirt below.  I’ve never been a sweatshirt kind of girl. I don’t do sporty spice. I couldn’t even bring myself to step a toe into the whole athleisure trend. As far as leisure wear I am a complete pyjama wearer. But after 3 months of apartment changing, renovating and winter I thought id give the sweatshirt a go. And boy I am glad i did.


Think comfort. Warmth, Softness. Usually in winter I prefer to wear chunky knits. But they can become super bulky and too hot indoors.


This sweatshirt takes me from the bed straight to the street. Minus the blazer.


Did I mention these shoes….. My only pair. I am sooo sick of them. I CANNOT wait to open my shoe box out of storage and then I think I will burn these boots. I have been trying to hold off buying a new pair just to see how long I can live with 1 pair of shoes. 3 months i think is my maximum.


Heres hoping for a great week.

New Year Revelations

Actually I lied. I have had zero revelations. I just hate the idea of new years resolutions.

Sorry I have MIA for ages. We are going into our 3rd month of renovations with 90% off my clothes in storage and one pair of winter boots I have been all out of inspiration. We have been living in multiple Air BNB’s for the last 3 months. Between demolition and trips to hardware stores and Christmas life has been very hectic.

We did manage to throw an awesome NYE bash this year with beautiful views over the city and great friends. New years Eve has always been important to me. I believe stupidly that it will set the tone for the following year. I love the idea of new beginnings. I actually performed a sage ceremony for all my guests. In an effort to clear away negative energy and cleanse for the new year ahead.

Like I said I am not one for resolutions but I do want to kind of try to be a better person. Bad habits are kind of my middle name, but here is 5 things I would like to kind of try to get better at. #supercommited


  1. I am turning mother freakin 40 this year and the thought in general is so crazy to me because I don’t feel like adult pretty much every day of my life. I have no desire to grow up – so we can cross that off the list. What I do want to do is to embrace ageing and the beauty of  getting older. Instead of googling botox I would like to like my wrinkles and lines on my face of a well-loved life. I want to look wiser and earthier and embrace getting older instead of freaking out and wanting to skin a 20 year old.

  2.  I want to slay dragons. I want to face more of my fears in life instead of practising my usual total avoidance. I would like to feel fearless and proud of myself much more. I want to empower myself. With baby steps of course.

  3.  Exercise. This is such a New Year cliché but if you have ever met me I am super undisciplined. I hate cardio soooo much. In fact I hate all kinds of intentional exercise. But I also hate not fitting into my jeans but not as much as i hate exercise. With my health anxiety I have a complicated attitude towards my body. I think my body can turn on me in any second and what I do want to change is to start taking control of my body and loving it and taking care of it. Mastering it. Making my body work for me and not against me both physically and mentally.

  4. Be more positive. I can be very catastrophic and dramatic. I anticipate natural disaster and zombie apocalypses. I worry too much. It’s so much easier for me to see the worst case scenario before I allow myself to think just maybe it may just all work out incredibly. I guess psychologically it’s perhaps a self protective mechanism, But positivity feels way better than negativity. I am all about those vibes and I want me some good not bad ones.

  5. Practise some radical self-love. I am not sure what that looks like. Or even what that fully means, I think maybe I have to get naked and run through a forest. But I am down for that too.

Wish me a world full of luck. I maybe probably 100% need it.

Radically Red


There is no denying that this seasons must have is radically red. Red is a power colour. Passionate. Fiery and bold and easy to identify myself too. Red is a colour that for me symbolises power. When I want to feel brave I pick red. In fact years ago I had a fling with wearing something red everyday for a few months. These days I really adore red accessories. I think it’s the easiest way to incorporate this colour into your wardrobe and is the perfect bright punch to any old grey winter day or outfit.


My top picks

  1. Aigner Red Bag
  2. Gucci Neck Bow
  3. Moschino Belt
  4. Tatty Devine Dental Bling Brooch
  5. Valentino Garavani Demilune Rockstud Bracelet
  6. Nars Manhunt Sheer Lipstick
  7. Nastygal Kitten Heel Boots
  8. Kate Spade Bow Beanie
  9. Tom Ford Carnel Red Nail Polish