Da Denim Tuxedo

I couldn’t love a denim on denim any more than Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake once loved each other. Call it a Canadian tuxedo or double denim. Whatever you want to call it I am in love with it.


The trick with denim on denim I think is to pair differing shades of denim. Whiter shades of denim draw attention while darker shades of denim are more slimming.

bluejean2 copy

Denim is also way better when it’s distressed. Ripped and faded denim is even better than normal denim. Distressed denim is the best denim.


Dont be afraid to dress up a denim on denim look. A luxe shoe is perfect for this look. Or add a bright bag or a bold lipstick.


Keep the accessories small for a more modern look. And denim on denim away. Everyday.

Vintage Vibes

Shopping wise I have being trying to veer off the high street. I prefer to purchase and wear clothes I have ordered online or that are second-hand vintage finds. Vienna is not a hub of recycled clothing. Maybe because this country is so much older historically people want new things not older. Second hand clothing is just not socially considered a fantastic thing here. Sure there are a great amount of vintage designer consignment stores with lots of old Chanel and Gucci. At higher prices.


But as far as combing through the racks at humana or a charity shop for a sequin 70’s jumpsuit it’s not something a lot of Viennese people do. The idea of sustainable or conscious fashion is just not a huge issue here in Vienna. When it really globally needs to be on people’s radar.

Second hand shopping is one of my favourite things to do. I often have dreams of being in a great big warehouse of second-hand clothes and finding treasures like a 60’s folk dress or a pair of 70’s flares. A vintage Harley Davidson t-shirt and a pair of disco platforms. And paying mere dollars for all of them.  Take this blouse here for example. Bought 2nd hand for a few dollars. No one else has it. I adore it and I feel like I am doing something right for the environment. And helping a charity. I am not a saint who isnt immune to a Zara floral kimnono jacket or a quick high street fashion fix. But I like to add it to a mix.

embroidery3.jpg I know a lot of people think 2nd hand clothes are dirty or considered gross. I can’t help think these are the people who are wearing things with or without a logo made in a sweatshop judging me and I find it ridiculous. I do have a few tips and tricks for shopping 2nd hand and making sure the clothes are clean and refreshed. Which I will be sure to write about later. In the meantime dig through your grandmothers closet or raid a second-hand store and find yourself something old and fabulous to give a new life too much like a rescue animal.

What Do You Think About Pink?

I am usually not a fan of pink clothes. It’s always seemed to girly and junior for me. But pink fashion is everywhere. On the trees and now even on me. It is so funny how a trend can make you look at something you thought you didn’t like. Then it’s been updated. Or reworked, styled differently and all of a sudden you are on the pink train pulling into pink station. I may have just defined a fashion victim. But all style should evolve and leave some leeway for interpretation. Or maybe I have spring fever.


I started by saying I will abide a dusty pink. A muted rose. More taupe than pink. Then all of a sudden I am eyeing and lusting after hot and bubblegum pinks like a 5-year-old Disney princess.


I love how this photo is blurry. Because life is blurry and so was my aversion to the color pink.

Festival Style

We are coming up to festival season. I personally like to wear festival styled outfits for everyday life.  I do believe strongly I was at Woodstock in a past life. So festival style for me means.


Something loose. I love a muumuu any day of the week. Not belted. Loose and shapeless and free. Something bright or paisley or ruffled. I picked this vintage dress up in Vienna at a secondhand shop for under 10 dollars. I love the color more than life itself. You want to wear something to a festival that is fun & you feel free to dance, sit, eat & sleep in.


A larger bag is a festival style must. Something for if your outfit doesn’t have pockets. is large enough to carry water. A swimsuit. A sarong. Never take a new bag to a festival. It will get ruined, Grab an older distressed lived in handbag you can sling on and off and not worry about getting dirty. Also cross body comes in handy for dancing and moving around.


Good sturdy shoes people. For any type of festival. I learnt my lesson the hard way after cutting my foot once at a festival in the dark because I was wearing sandals. Rain boots are a must if mud is involved in any way. I also learnt this the hard way when wearing flip-flops to a 3 day festival where it rained and had so much mud i ended up going barefoot instead. These boots are new in and i am obsessed with them.


Sunglasses are a festival fashion must because I cant live without sunglasses. The world is way too bright and i prefer to live in the shade.


So that’s my take on festival fashion. Let the good times roll!

10 Random Facts About Me

10 random facts about me. I am a chronic over sharer. I have a low threshold for shame and privacy so this post comes super easy for me. My favourite topic to talk about is also myself so right up my alley.


  1. I am scared of the following animals cats, chickens & horses. I could have never been any kind of farmer. But I love all dogs.
  2. I have a security pillow I like to cuddle more than my boyfriend. The pillows name is PILL PILL.
  3. My favourite foods are snacks.
  4. I can’t go to sleep without moisturising my feet at night.
  5. I don’t really like wine.
  6. My favorite nail polishes are essie. For summer -sand tropez & for winter -bordeaux.
  7. I backpacked all over Australia in my early 20’s.
  8. I like to stay up late at night.
  9. I prefer handbags over shoes.
  10. I used to work on an island in the great barrier reef.