Malta Photo Diary

I am actually a first generation a half Maltese Australian. Who now lives in Austria. Quite a mouthful. My father’s family immigrated from Malta to Australia when he was a just a boy. And until this trip I had never visited this beautiful little island in the middle of the Mediterranean. I was not disappointed. I am the first to admit I was very camera happy the whole vacation and thought id share my photos with you.

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The old weathered textured brightly painted doors set in stone buildings are everywhere and are so charming.

Image2   Image9

This water is everything & I am sure I will be dreaming about it all Winter long. These photos were taken at the blue lagoon you can only reach by boat. While the location is very crowded as was most beaches the water is truly amazing. Although there is no sandy beach to lie upon the water-bed is sandy. The most sandy best beach I have visited in Europe thus far.

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I even found a street sign in Mdina with my name on it. If you grew up a Carmel that is not very common. If you are ever in Malta you must see the fortified city of Mdina. This is where they have shot scenes from games of thrones. It is like walking back in time.


This car is so cute. I snapped this on a day trip to Valletta the capital city. Valletta was a great place to visit but I am glad we stayed in the smaller quieter village of Mellieha on the northern end of the island. Which had a more coastal relaxed feel.


The town church in Mellieha. We were lucky enough to be in Malta for Victory day and the commemoration of the birth of the Virgin Mary. Which meant a week-long of festivities including a walking full orchestra and fireworks every night for hours upon hours all centered around the above church.

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This water. It looks like a bounty commercial. I grew up on some of the worlds most beautiful beaches but the blue of the Mediterranean is truly astounding.


Did I mention this water. Photo snapped on the ferry over to Gozo. If I were to visit Malta agin I would probably choose to stay on Gozo. It was the most uncrowded and quietest place we visited.


Image21   Image15

More water. I am a mermaid. Oh and the pastitzi’s. I grew up on my grandmothers pastitzis. They are truly the best snack around. A traditional savoury pastry from Malta. Pastizzi usually have a filling either of ricotta or mushy peas. My favourite was the ricotta and the best thing they cost only 40 cents! In fact it was the first thing we basically did upon arriving got pastitzis. I ate a minimum of two every day we were there.



Back home. Major sad face. Good news is the good thing about living in Europe is that almost everything is only a short plane trip away.




















Malta Outfit Vol 1

Malta, Malta, Malta. Back from vacation feeling refreshed, recharged & ready to enter into fall & winter. We had such a great time and loved the country. The colors of the doors and walls are painted such brilliant colors which made the best backdrop in contrast to this dress.



I actually bought this dress for a steal at the end of July at TK Maxx to wear to a good friends wedding set in the vineyards of Vienna. I knew the weather was going to be extremely hot on the wedding day and wanted something loose and light but also elegant for a casual August wedding.



I also knew it would be a great dress to go for a nice dinner on a beach type holiday. It literally is so loose and stays so cool it almost feels like you are wearing nothing. And the deep coral color is so summery and fun.


Styled with my favourite spell design bag from Byron Bay and a pair of rose gold Birkenstocks for a super relaxed look.

Accessories Edit

Some days it is all up to your accessories to make a statement about your style. While naturally I am more of a clothes horse the right jewelry & watch can speak volumes about your personal style. I personally wear a lot more gold than silver especially in summer because gold suits my skin tone way better than silver does. But I still adore the bohemian feel of silver jewelry and like to mix metals.


Fun tip about me I hate wearing earrings. Never have worn them. My ears were pierced before I was 5 years old and i never wore earrings passed that age, I still have the holes which are mostly closed but I can’t stand the feeling of earrings. I also have a weak jaw that just melts into my neck like jabba the hut and it’s not an area i want to emphasize. Although of late i consider a Helix piercing higher up my ear but I am a baby when it comes to pain. That said I love everything else jewelry. Rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces etc.

Here is my top jewelry picks at the moment.


  1. Tree of life ring

  2. Tree of life moonstone ring

  3. Jennifer Zeuner Mini Wishbone Necklace

  4. What comes around goes around pre owned chanel watch

  5. Gabriela Artigas Soft Ball Chain Ring

  6. GUCCI  Striped canvas, leather and silver-tone watch

  7. CATBIRD Lovecats gold-tone ring

  8. Aaryah Kajal cuff bracelet 

  9. CATBIRD You Are My Moon and Stars 14-karat gold charm

Summer Dress

I picked up this Zara dress at the start of Summer and it quickly became my favourite thing to wear on those hot days & summer evenings. It’s so loose and blowy and translates easily from day to casual night.


Each season there always seems to be an item of clothing for me that sets the tone and becomes a reminder piece of that summer or that spring. Like a song you listened a lot to. It’s funny how clothes can have that power to remind you of a good time or a bad time. Like the dress you wore to a wedding. Or the swimsuit you bought for a certain vacation. The dress you wore on your birthday. Those key pieces of clothing i always try to keep from seasons past as a memento. This dress was this summer for me.


With the end of summer slowly creeping in its always good to have a reminder. Its been a great few months of sunshine, swimming, beer drinking, good friends, weddings & vacations. And next week I am off to Malta for a week as a summer extender. I cant wait to swim in the ocean.


So not saying goodbye to Summer yet just preparing to remember it already.


I Am With The Band

When I was a toddler I had the nickname KISSY. Not because I was overly affectionate child but because my favourite t-shirt I wouldn’t take off was a pink glitter 80’s KISS band t-shirt. I LOVED that shirt. And my love of retro band t-shirts has been with me ever since.


As the weather starts to cool the first thing on my Fall wish list is retro band t-shirts. Styled with shorts. Jeans or leather skirts. In summer I seem to style more folk festival inspired but as the weather cools I like my style a little more rock n roll.

So I have gathered some amazing inspiration.



Pink Floyd                                Metallica                                 Rolling Stones


band tshirts2.jpg

Pink Floyd                                     Rolling Stones                                  Blondie


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