Cross stitch mania

I am one of those people whose hands must always be busy. Usually my hands are busy eating Oreos and anything mint flavored. I am also one of those people who love to create.

I am also a 30 something grandmother (not really)


A retro robot for a friend who is redecorating her apartment. 

Counted cross stitch is my newest obsession. I began cross stitching with a pre packed pattern kit and promoted myself up the cross stitch ladder to buying online patterns on ETSY. And the last step  was creating my own designs by painstakingly drawing out tiny little squares and creating my own patterns.

If your not over 80 cross stitching is a total thing. You have to get something called aida cloth- which has tiny little holes. Embroidery floss in a myriad of colours. An embroidery hoop & needles. (man i sound sexy)


A wedding cross stitch that was used in a wedding ceremony

I like to call it my modern day basket weaving. The thing they used to give patients in a mental ward to calm them down and stop them from seeing people in the walls and or killing people. In fact i did so many i ran out of friends and family to give them too. Thankfully alot of my friends get knocked up this year so great baby shower gifts with a personal home made touch.

Check out etsy- they hae some heaps of great instant download modern cross stitch patterns that arent grandma-ish at all.