Meditating – minus the dirty feet

I came to meditation 2 years ago under a rain cloud of Austrian winter induced anxiety/ probable major vitamin D deficiency . No gurus, no yoga, just my iPhone, a couple of free downloaded apps and you tube. Im no zen pro i use mostly guided meditations to calm my mind and quiet my soul.


You name it if its online i tried it. Hypnotherapy, body scanning, progressive muscle relaxation, binaural beats, guided imagery and even some trip thing called ASMR. Where a woman brushes her hair and the sound is meant to soothe something in someone?

Although after time i found no need for the apps, or the guides. I was slowly able to silence the “monkey mind”. By finding a quiet interrupted space and just letting the hell go.

If your a newbie to meditation, freaking the F#@k out, or just need to stop the inner chatter and release stress & tension. These are some of my fave go to meditations to try out.