Reluctant Chef

I don’t love cooking. I am not one of those. As in those who claim cooking and preparing meals relaxes them. That they put love and seasoning into every step. I personally would replace meals forever with snacks. A cheese string, a handful of almonds, some beef jerky and a couple of peanut M&M’s. I am a happy camper. But unfortunately i am not a college student or a model. And occasionally have to think about nutrition and feeding others.

So the easiest recipe in the world. My go to meal. Made in 10 minutes 15 maximum. Healthy. Fresh. Carb free. Colourful. Nutritious. Vegetarian. All those good things.




What you need.

Halloumi, Green leaf lettuce ,Tomatoes, Avocado, Lemon, Marinated artichokes,

Marinated peppers, A dash of balsamic vinegar.

rocket & tomato

Slice up your tomatoes in half if using cherry tomatoes. Wash & put lettuce in a bowl. Slice lemon in half.

cut up

Half & slice avocado lengthways. Slice marinated peppers & artichokes. Put to the side.


Dress the lettuce with a dash of balsamic vinegar. Do not add oil. The marinated artichokes & peppers are swimming in enough oil that none needs to be added extra.


Squeeze lemon half over lettuce. Chop halloumi into 2 cm slabs. Heat up pan over medium heat. Add halloumi and fry until golden brown on both sides.


When halloumi is done squeeze the other half of lemon over the, Sprinkle with some pepper.

Adding avocado in the lettuce as a base, Gently stack up the ingredients. Avocado. Then halloumi. Then peppers. Another piece of halloumi. Then artichokes. Then halloumi. Until you run out.

Voila dinner. Feeds 2 people generously. Is guilt free & super easy.



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