You make me happy


Harvest Moon Coconut Yogurt

This coconut milk yogurt is the yummiest thing ever. And i don’t even like yogurt.

Available in natural, vanilla, mango/passionfruit & lemon. All ingredients from certified organically grown. Another plus point is that the Harvest Moon coconut yoghurt has no added sugar. I like to eat mine drizzled over chopped up bananas, strawberries & almonds.


Collections of rocks & crystals.

I love the energy that stones, crystals, rocks bring. I collect them as found objects. And nestle them together amongst my jewelry, make-up and in little nooks and crannies.And sometimes carry a crystal in bra for good karma. 


GOSH cosmetics catchy eyes mascara

Recommended to me. The best drug store mascara i ever bought. Around the 10 euro mark – it is awesome. It curls and defines even the smallest of lashes and stays put pretty well. And for someone who rubs their eyes a million times a day – does not smudge too easy. 


Delicate necklace

This rose gold necklace that goes with everything.