Business Casual

Here in Vienna people dress nice. Conservative. Things with collars and blazers. They like to leave their apartments looking polished. Yoga pants and flip flops are a big no-no. Their stuff seems to be ironed, belted & buckled. This came as a complete shock to my bohemian messy usually undone free-flowing aesthetic.


When I first arrived i was amazed at how conservative looking clothes shopping was. I knew Europe would a bit more fancy and conservative but i had no idea how buttoned up the Viennese actually are when it comes to clothing. And coming from Byron Bay Australia the land of hippie. Where I used to wear retro mumu’s. Lots of vintage polyester, indian fabrics and refused to wear any shoes that weren’t open toed sandals. I felt like i had walked into a j-crew ad / some ivy league fraternity.

leg up.jpg

It was a complete struggle to adjust my fashion sense here in Austria. The struggle is REAL yo. And even now I sometimes find myself wearing clothes i would have never in a million years ventured into in Australia.


I am the antithesis of polished. I like my hair messy.  My jeans ripped.  My roots grown out.  And sometimes my fly is undone. So this is my take an Austrian hybrid Australian fashion.


Add a polished preppy top. Some distressed ripped jeans. Mess your hair up. Throw on some birkenstocks. Add a chunky watch. If you want to elevate it add a blazer. Voila Shabby Austrian preppy chic with a side of dishevelled.


Zara jeans old. Zara top old. Cocinelle hand bag old similar here.