Retro Print T-Shirt Outfit


SEVENTIES PRE SEX PORNO STYLE.  My dream look is to emulate a character in a low-budget seventies porno before they take their clothes off. In a totally non sexual way. Or perhaps as an extra from a scene in dazed or confused. Or perhaps like my mother in those awesome 70’s photographs of her on the back of a dirt bike with no helmet.


I am so OBSESSED with retro print Vintage t-shirts. That is all I want to buy and i want to assemble a great collection that i can hand down to my one day daughter like precious family heirlooms.


I am unfortunately too old to go near anything cropped. So i look for hip length retro print t-shirts i can tuck into anything i own that is high-waisted and denim with a light wash. If you do find a killer retro print t-shirt that is cropped that you MUST own buy the biggest size and layer it over a long top. This works better for vests than t-shirts.


 Colour wise – it’s all about desaturated, vintage inspired shades of red, blue, green, or yellow mixed with white.  You want the fabric super soft and worn in feeling. The cut shouldnt be too tight like pictured here or u will look a little porno-riffic but they were out of bigger sizes and i had to own this lovely.


Good tip for any retro print t-shirt that isn’t vintage is to keep washing. Stretch it out a bit.  Hope for some holes to appear and the fabric to thin. For that lived in vibe.


Pair with anything denim. Anything high waist. For a more dressed up look. Less 1980 Daytona beach and more rock n roll add a leather skirt or pant for a i am going to see the rolling stones play in a 1978 concert look.

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