Nod To The Nineties


Me – Circa mid -90’s.

Pixie cut – CHECK. Choker – CHECK. Slip dress over a t-shirt – CHECK. I think I am maybe 16 years old in this old horrid family portrait. I am totally awkward. With a bad mahogany /chest nut dye job. That probably came out of a box. But hey i would wear that outfit today and probably rock it a lot more than i did back then.


That is the one great thing of getting older. Your skin is less firm. Your knee caps are starting to sag. But with age comes confidence and ownership. Knowing who you are and being comfortable in yourself and your skin. Basically not giving a shit because nothing feels better than being your true self . And being centered.

ombre hair.jpg

This dress i have had for over 5 years. It lingers away  in my closet until Fall where i wear it maybe once or twice. This year i was feeling very 90’s inspired.


So I added my retro casio watch. A pair of chunky black biker boots. And bare legs. For my modern take on the 90’s trend. I wish i had added a choker after finding this old photo. And am now on a mission to find an age suitable choker to add to my jewellery collection.


Dress – old. Boots- here . Watch- here . Polaroid sunglases- vintage.


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