Fall Layers

Autumn is officially here. Which bums me out because it means winter is one step closer. Vienna’s indian summer is slowly ending and i am trying to avoid wearing pants for as long as i can.


So bare legs. Heavier fabrics and layers. Layers. Layers. Everyone loves layers. I think “layers” are one more annoying thing i have to put on before i leave the house. Then i take them on & off because i am hot then cold- untill i resent them and want to fling all layers off. And wish i could live in bikini in tahitti.


Think positive – Knits can be cosy. Homey. Fluffy. All things i am kind of of a fan off. They make you want to drink tea and bake shortbread cookies.


Layers & fall fashion creates shapes which is cool. Like this cocoon sweater. I can wear it long way or short.way.  Its a fall must have and drapes nicely.


Worn with a striped dress. Bare legs & white converse & toppped with my favourite vintage hat.


Please weather fall gods stay warm & golden  –  so i can not wear pants a little bit longer.