Expat Tales

I moved to Vienna Austria from Mullumbimby Australia exactly 4 years and 7 months ago and 3 days. Actually I don’t know how many days it has been. I made that bit up. But I know it has been  4 years and 7 months.

Mullumbimby Australia is a 10 minutes drive to the well-known town of Byron Bay. Byron Bay if you will imagine is like any hippie counter-culture town you can think of. Think  VW vans, hash cookies, drumming circles and beautiful beaches. And there is no 2 locations more unlike than Byron Bay, Australia to Vienna, Austria.

Degi Hari

Mullumbimby Markets

I was fortunate to have an EU passport. So I had no stress, pressure or paperwork to do in preparation to come here. In fact I don’t remember really thinking it over too much at all. I was bored in my job and thought that a European chapter of my life seemed glamorous and would work well in my future memoir .


Byron Bay Beach Bum

I was too busy assembling and packing my European wardrobe to actually consider the reality of living overseas in a non-English speaking country.  I thought I would pick up the German language like a savant, mind you having never spoken a 2nd language in my life.

Degi Hari

Mullumbimby Music Festival Australia

I Imagined I would land a well-paying glamorous job almost immediately. Eat macaroons all day. I would sip coffee in sidewalk cafe’s. Carry a baguette at all times. I think I thought I was moving to France instead of Austria.


The things we do for love. Vienna Austria.

I considered Austria & France in my limited knowledge of European geography like close neighbors with the cultural differences of say Melbourne to Sydney. I pictured myself riding a cute bicycle with a wicker basket over the border to France for some Camembert cheese or to Holland to pick up some tulips. Only to realise they don’t even border Austria. I joke (a little)


Christmas markets Vienna

The only thing I do remember considering was how cold it was going to be. And how I could look cute – taking my style from laid-back beach bum to European urban winter. Some may call it shallow or stupid. I like to call it impulsive and style orientated.


Macaroon filled days

Obviously it all didn’t turn out exactly like that. Because life doesn’t seem to turn out exactly how you imagine it. But 4 years 7 months and x amount of days later I am still here in Vienna, Austria. Some-days I feel like I am really killing it and loving it. Some days barely holding on, cursing all Austrians and the culture.


Old and beautiful everything

There are many tips and tricks & tales on how to survive or be an expat. But I will start with this solid gold nugget of advice. If you are considering moving abroad for an unknown amount of time. Please think & consider things carefully. Things like culture shock, jobs, language barriers & climate changes. Vitamin D deficiencies.

I learnt the hard way that these are critical things you should perhaps plan for. Before selling everything you own and jumping on an air-plane. It may save you some heartache or rude reality type slaps to the face later on.

Or just say F^&k it and jump on a plane because life is all a gamble. And you got roll the dice sometimes and sing Kenny Rogers songs on the way to airport. More expat tales to come.

PS – Never take my advice. As you have just read above I am not one for careful well prepared thoughts.

PPS- Or alternatively do the opposite of what I would do and you should have an awesome well prepared balanced life.




5 thoughts on “Expat Tales

  1. anjage says:

    So true… Moving to new place is always a journey into unknown and dangerous lands…
    After 7 years 3 months, 4 countries, 2 continents and many spontaneous decisions I still didn’t find my place, but I wouldn’t take back any spontaneous and irresponsible decision to move from one place to another… possibly in a future I will make such again 😀

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  2. andreea00 says:

    I am currently in the same situation you once were. I’m about to move to Vienna in a few months and keep getting my hopes up, thinking about finding a good job and a nice apartment in a cool area. I just hope I will be able to handle everything and not get too dissapointed. On the other hand, I’ll be leaving eastern europe, so it can’t be worse than here :)))
    I’ve just found your blog and I’ll probably read every post now 🙂 you are very funny. Keep up the great work!


      • andreea00 says:

        Oh, I’m definitely working on that! I can’t really afford taking classes now, but I’m trying to do my best with duolingo and listening to deutsch online radio as much as possible.
        I’ve found a lot of events in vienna for language tandems, for example. Those might help you a bit.
        I hope you will overcome this issue soon 🙂

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