Little Black Dress

I am not usually a fashion basics kind of wardrobe girl. Why buy staple everyday things you need. Boring items like plain white tops, cardigans, pencil skirt and ballet pumps when i can buy something with sequins. Or mohair, or a feather boa, or a faux fur shaggy waistcoat. Some hooker leggings, platform shoes with stars, anything with an ethnic type print, paisley or a vinatage gold jumpsuit. Or a mummu.

But the one fashion staple dress I do believe in strongly is the little black dress.

When you can’t decide what to wear the LBD is always there for you.  It says “I am effortless. I look neither too dressed up nor too dressed down”


Paired here with a vintage leather jacket a dear old awesome friend who had vintage store once gave to me. Which is perfect for giving the LBD some don’t F#$k with me attitude. And also fall weather appropriate.

fashion blogger vienna austria outfit.jpg

The little black dress has my vote for essential wardrobe must have. I prefer a basic shift dress because it can also double as work appropriate. With boots, heels or sandals. It is truly versatile dressing.

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