Patch Denim DIY

After surfing through the best NYFW street style photos. One thing i saw over & over were adorable & whimsical patchwork denim. From jackets, to bags, to skirts and of course jeans.


Patchwork denim DIY goals

I love myself some patchwork. And denim & DIY so decided to take on this trend and patch up a pair of old jeans that had gotten a little too distressed if you know what I mean.


Old jeans before

These jeans are a seasons old pair from Zara. And becoming holier with every wear.  And just way too cold for me to wear in Austria Fall winter. So instead of packing them away why not try my hand at patch work denim.


First I started with patching the larger holes with these 2 buck square denim iron on patches.  And added a peace sign and this killer rolling stones knock off iron on patch i thought was pretty awesome.


Basically it’s the easiest and cheapest DIY ever to update old denim. All you need is an iron and some patches. Place the patch where you want it positioned. Cover with a tea towel or pillow case and iron over for roughly 1 minute.

close upjeans.jpg

Voila updated patch work denim.


All the patches I got from Mueller. Which is like the austrian/german lamest version of a target ever. But they do have some good candy.


I am still on the hunt for more good patches so i can cover these jeans like a 6-year-old with a bowl full of glitter. If anyone in Vienna knows a good place for iron on patches please share?


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