What Not To Do

What not to do Volume 02

Life lessons from a loser. I am the worst person for advice. A bad example. Completely flawed. Bad influence. Inappropriate. Loud mouthed. Unfiltered. Usually unapologetic. Shrill. Mouthy. And usually failing at life.

Don’t sit on the floor of a hospital. It’s full of germs and 2 days later you  will end up with a killer cold/infection that seeps the life out of you.

Don’t start a nightly ritual where you eat 2 cookies in bed in the dark before falling asleep. This is not a good habit to begin.

DO NOT ask your partner/lover/boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife/hook-up/crush to pull your finger and when they refuse you pull your own finger and then fall into hysterics. Apparently it’s not a turn-on.

Don’t tell a german person – that you hate the german language. It kind of offends them.

Lastly of all this is a big one.

Don’t drink Coke Zero. It’s like super addictive. And before you know it you have a hard-core Coke zero monkey on your back. And you can’t stop drinking it even though you know it’s horrible for you. Its like the heroin of beverages with low calories. JUST SAY NO TO COKE ZERO kids.



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