The End Of Summers Days

I managed to get these photos snapped on what was the last of Vienna’s warmer weather. Seriously it went from my favourite short wearing weather to sweaters and scarves in 24 hours.


I am whole heartily trying to embrace the cooler weather. But bare legs and Birkenstocks are my thing. I hate all pants. Especially the skinny kind. Pants make my legs feel all claustrophobic.


So that’s the last day. From now on in Austrian winter 90% of my body  will be covered like a mormon. The majority of my skin won’t see sun, wind or any elements for another 6-7 Months. Which is awesome if you want to avoid skin cancer. But not awesome for anything else.


I probably won’t smile for another 6-7 Months either. Because my teeth will get too cold and I don’t want to risk frostbite. Goodbye Summer. I love you very much. Please globally warm up soon and come back asap.



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