Fall Layers Fail

I have written already about my aversion to layers. And my desire to live in Tahiti and only ever dress in a bikini. But I don’t live in Tahiti. I live in Vienna, Austria. Where layers are king and rule the world between fashion & functionality. Fashion & function. Ughhhhh. Boring.


I find layers super tricky to balance on my body. I am top-heavy. So layers of clothing on the top often make me look unbalanced and even more top heavy.

I am also on the shorter side so longer layers swallow me up. Making me appear shorter and stockier. The opposite of  all the ads you see for fall fashion where the models look all tall and flowy and wear really great cocoon coats and still look skinny.


I guess the solution to this problem is a combination of short & longer layers? Or mid length layers?  I am still trying to figure it out. I should be curing cancer or volunteering. Instead of spending time pondering layer /length/ balancing + outfit ratio for my body type. But I consider it a win i am working on proportions, balance and spacial awareness. Because i am not awesome in all of those things.

Like proportions of cookies to eat. Or balance in my moods. Or spacial awareness where I stop hitting people with my handbag accidentally. As well as Fall fashion.


Help starts with helping yourself. Right? Probably not. I have dug myself a hole.

So signing off for now.

Selfishly yours





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