Expat Austrian Candy Tales

I judge countries on their quality of snacks. Chocolate, chips, candy & cookies. The first thing I like to do when travelling abroad is to visit the local supermarket. I am like a michellen star restaurant critic of pre packaged supermarket junk food. Basically its my main motivator to travel.

Austrian candy/chocolate & cookies. Lets me preface this with if you don’t like hazelnut and chocolate do not move and live in Austria. Especially if you have a sweet tooth. Its like the Americans with the peanut butter and chocolate thing. But here every sweet snack is chocolate & hazelnuts and throw in a side of marzipan.

I don’t mind hazelnuts. It’s not my favourite kind of nut. It falls to the lower end of my nut scale. Just above the brazil nut.I prefer a macadamia, classic almond, cashews and even pecans. But Hazelnut is KING is here. Oh and I HATE marzipan. Hate is a harsh word but i feel comfortable saying hate and marzipan together.

So below is my super informative list of Austrian candy.



Manner Wien

It’s like the Tim Tam of Austria. Once again featuring hazelnuts and chocolate in a wafer. They are good. You do get bored with them after a while. The manner packs are very generous so you have to commit when opening one or share them. I myself prefer the Manner Mio. A slight variation of the manner. Covered completely in chocolate and they come in yummy flavours which elevate them from the basic boring manner. My favorite is the coconut.


Manner Mio

2. Haribo



Haribo GUMMIES. Although german not austrian. Tomato/Tomato. Gummies are a staple in the supermarkets here. You can’t buy tortilla bread at my local supermarket but you can choose between 20 different gummi flavours. I prefer WUMMIES. because I like saying Wummies. They are a classic fun candy.

3. Knoppers



Once you have struggled to break open the packaging on one pack of these. Which is a seriously complicated affair where multiple packs are sticky taped together somehow. You feel like you deserve and earned this treat. Once again Hazelnut. Once again wafer. But they come with this weird milky semi kinder milky layer which is quite good. And somehow feels healthy. I am probably wrong on that feeling.

4.Pischinger Ecken


Pischinger Ecken

My favourite CURRENT obsession. I am dying for this lately. I CANNOT pronounce them but I love them. Once again hazelnut. Once again wafer. But these come in a super nice dark chocolate variety. If you are a dark chocolate lover – look for the words zartbitter, edelbitter or  dunkel schokolade. The nice thing about these is that they have a nice hazelnut cream and really high quality chocolate. and they are small so even if you eat a bunch you feel like you didn’t eat too many at all.

5. Zotter Chocolate


Zotter Chocolate

Zotter Chocolate is Austrian based family company in Styria. They are Organic. Fair trade and green. They also make amazing chocolate. They have a WIDE variety of unusual flavours. Are always coming up with new flavours. I wish they would open up a shop in Vienna. Because the zotter stock in supermarkets are a bit hit & miss. Sometimes you fall in love with a flavour and then they stop stocking it.

Zotter also have a factory you can actually tour in Styria. I did this a few summers ago and it was one of the BEST days of my life. They have hundreds of chocolate samples. Chocolate fountains. And even a drinking hot chocolate bar. Forget the opera people. This is my kind of culture and I felt like i was in the willy wonka movie. And i had such a crazy happy sugar high.

So yeah. Austrian candy/ chocolate& cookies. The big take away here is to embrace the hazelnut and the wafer. And you will fit right in.



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