Pom Pom Cap

In the spirit of reluctantly embracing the cooler Vienna weather I was on the search for some new Fall/Season accessories. I decided i am beyond bored with the beanie and needed to update my hat keeping head warm game. 

outfitWhy not a cap. Why not with a giant Pom Pom attached to it. Why the HELL not. I ordered this hat super cheap as an add-on to an ASOS order. It was only a couple of bucks so if I decided i didn’t like it – it would be of no great financial loss.


Turns out i can’t stop wearing it. It’s amazingly comfortable. Shockingly warm and covers up my unwashed hair awesomely.


Beanies tend to make my small head looking smaller. They are usually too big in the way they fall down over my eyes. Or too small in the way my head looks like a condom.


The largeness of this cap makes my non metaphoric head look bigger. I chose grey because lovely bright colours don’t overly suit me. I got stuck with the earthy dirt color chart. Thanks mother & father.


I also have an attitude when I wear this hat. I feel tough. Like people could be saying “Don’t F#&k with that girl with the pom pom on her cap. She aint playing. She will mess you the hell up.”


I am not one to try every trend. But I am one for changing things up and trying something new. Stepping out of your comfort zone a little. accessories are a great way to do this. They are a cheaper way to try a new trend. And take a fashion risk.

Hat available here






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