Cami Out

I have always loved the idea of making inner wear an outer thing. I have also been known to wear my pyjamas to nip around to my local supermarket to pick up something last-minute. So I embraced the cami slip over the T-shirt look which is everywhere at the moment. I succumbed. Gave in and tried it on.


To be honest i don’t mind it. I would never  usually wear a slip or camisole by itself. I have the must wear a bra at all times issue. So this is a nice way around that.

IMG_1022 (1).jpg

It’s such a 90’s look. Perhaps better left to size zero ironic type teenagers who were not alive in the 1990’s and don’t remember this look. It also has a modesty mormon vibe too. But I am neither modest nor mormon. So i guess that doesn’t apply.


This Mont Blanc bag was given to my partner. I recently claimed & have taken as my own. I love the cross body strap and simplicity.

slipdress (1).jpg

I think I will give the slip dress over a t-shirt look a go next when the weather warms up. Because i adore slip dresses but usually bra wise can’t wear them either. So i  think i am going to continue to embrace this trend. Occasionally.



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