Vienna In Fall

One great thing about living in Vienna, Austria. Is the seasons. Australia doesn’t have seasons so much. It’s hot then its cold for 2-3 months and then it’s hot again. But Vienna is all about the seasons and she is a pretty little lady. 

Leaves everywhere. Orange leaves, Green leaves, Red leaves, Brown leaves. All over the ground in big deep autumn colored piles. It’s so gorgeous. It reminds me of New York because that has been my only really Fall type reference from movies. Maybe it’s a northern hemisphere thing.


Hand in pocket pose

I absolutely grab for plaid as soon as the weather turns cooler. I love red plaids. They are bold and so Fall themed. And lumberjackish. They remind me of twin peaks.

baseballtee copy.jpg

I totally stepped in dog shit getting these photos. Another vienna-ism

And my statement baseball tee – that I can’t stop wearing. Along with these ripped jeans because they are so comfy and soon it will be too cold for my poor knees to wear them.

seat2 copy.jpg

Said – dog shit on right shoe if you look closely.

What is it with this photo. It’s like the fashion bloggers version of the leaning tower of Pisa.  At least it’s not a pineapple.

leavesfall copy.jpg

Woot Woot

Here is the blurry attempt. I like that I look joyous. Oh and if you can see my right arm it’s not photoshop gone wrong. I have a wonky trick elbow. Long story for another time maybe.

The end.