My favorite social media site is definitely instagram. I was instagramming before there was instagram. Its’s a wallpaper of your life. Memories fade faster than photographs. You can follow me HERE on Instagram to get away from all the Donald trump Facebook posts.


It was on flick’r and called 365 where you would upload a digital photo once a day for a year. Old school instagram. With less selfies and no hash tags.


I love instagram because it is so visual based. I try to instagram almost daily. I use it as a visual diary of my life and what makes me happy, inspires me, makes me mad or glad.



All this nonsense about how social media is wrecking our lives- blah blah blah.What I love most is instagram forces me to see the beauty around me at least once a day. Even if I am in a horrible mood. I find one visually interesting/ artistic/ beautiful thing a day to document on my life’s journey. Or some days i just take selfies. hahaha.



I like to look back at the end of the year and see & remember the moments behind when I took that photo. To see more or for a daily dose of carmel karma inspiration follw me on instagram here