Bohemia At The Golden Egg

The Gold Egg Cafe Vienna located in the 4th district is full of character and old school charm which I adore. Your typical Viennese coffeehouse experience.


The Goldegg first opened in 1910 and it has aged with dignity. It doesn’t deny its advanced years – the walls are coated with patina, the cushions are worn. There are comfortable couches and billiard tables throughout.


But the smokers room towards the back of the cafe has all the character for me. Cowhide, leopard print, leather couches, purple and red walls, old lamps and tattered pillows and some amazing paintings.


It’s the perfect location to channel my inner Stevie Knicks 70’s party goer. The whole vibe feels like there could be an orgy in the corner. And a jazz musician in the other corner. The whole room reeks of cigarette smoke and history.


What better way to accessorize with a bohemian inspired fringed kimono, leather pants, silver rings and an imagination.

bohogypsycarme; copy.jpg

I love the look of leather with floral. The mixture of soft and hard. I also love anything with fringe. Because fringe is awesome.



This is me fulfilling all my retro vintage 70’s bohemian gypsy rock n roll fantasies.


I wish everyday could be filled with crystals, silver rings, floral kimono and leather pants and vintage cafe backgrounds.

Kimono available  here





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