Street Style Classic

Sometimes you have to keep it simple. Black leather. White shirt. A classically shaped handbag. And a beanie. Add some dark nails and a dark matt lipstick.


I used to be scared to wear leather on leather. But lately I am embracing it in a John Travolta in the movie grease way.


This jacket is a vintage piece I have had for years and the pants are a faux leather/pleather. Or as Stella Mcartney would say “vegan leather” Because that sounds way better than pleather.


Beanie is borrowed from boyfriend. We share beanies. Except his head is 5 x bigger than my head- so I think he is winning in the beanie sharing department.


These pants also make me feel a little like Mick Jagger minus the slim hips.

But I have the moves like Mick Jagger .

So yeah if Mick Jagger and John Travolta had a style baby it would probably look way better than this.



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