Patch Jeans Volume II

I can’t get enough of patches. I am all onboard the patch train. And my patch game is getting good but I can get better. My goal is to trick out this jeans up and down and all around in patches. Sometimes more is more. I also have a plan to embroider the back pockets with a rainbow scene and the other an ice cream.

The patch trend is just so Andy Warhol- pop art fun. Patches feel vintage and retro and graphic. They make me feel like a girl scouts in the early 80’s.

patch jeans.jpg

I have tapped out the austrian market in patches. So I took myself online and found some cool patches sold online at & .I can’t even pick a favorite. I want all of them. So get your patch on people.

patch jeans picks.jpg



1.Ghostbusters   2.Too bad so sad  3.Eat my shorts  4. Jack Daniels   5.Bam
6.Feminist  7.Cobra  8.Xray vision  9.Suns out buns out



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