Warm Winter Days

We had a stunningly beautiful warm winter day in Vienna this week. And i was in warm winter heaven. No coats, no scarves and no ever-present coat. Just me in a light sweater, a leather pleated skirt and some knee-high boots – kicking it getting coffee.


Don’t ask me what my shirt says. My french speaking boyfriend told me once but I forget. Something about nights and hopefully nothing racist. Winter is not my peak style time. I am used to summer and beach vibes and gypsies and wicker.

I almost had to relearn how to dress here in Vienna. There is a fine line between looking good and freezing my lady balls off. How to layer. Unlike most native Austrians I havent had as long to grow an awesome coat collection. And i hate wearing pants altogether.


This skirt i bough almost a year ago at a designer outlet outside Vienna and have had a hard time wearing. It’s a longer length and silhouette for me. A little difficult to style.

outfit copy.jpg

More warm winter days please through to May and June. I would be ever so happy.