Give Me Sugar

As far back as my brain can remember I have been a super fiend of sugar. My grandparents owned a sugar cane farm so maybe it was born into my blood. Growing up they would supply us with 10 litre containers full of raw brown sugar. Although I can’t remember first trying sugar I knew I wanted it constantly.

Around the age of ten I would sneak into the kitchen and eat a teaspoon of raw sugar when my mother wasnt looking. It was like I needed a hit. Like a crack head  with a pipe. I loved the buzz and the way the sugar would dissolve in my mouth.

Like most kids I spent all my allowance at the candy shop. My sister would save up her allowance. Bue me – I would blow every cent of mine immediately on jaw breakers, gummi bears, lollipops, pixie sticks & pop rocks and chocolate. And eat it all at once and then run around bouncing off walls in a sugar crazed frenzy.


The thing is most children do this at some point and then one day they eat too much candy then they get a bellyache. This teaches them a valuable lesson to show restraint with candy for the rest of their lives. That a little sweet is good. Too much sweet is bad.

I didn’t seem to ever learn this lesson. Yes I got the bellyache, maybe I took a twenty minute break for it to settle and kept on eating more candy. Heck I’d even eat more candy thinking perhaps these sour worms may help with the cramping.


While in highschool I got a part-time job in a video store. Remember those? The store had a self-serve candy bar. And that is the sole reason I was motivated to ever go to work. I would sneak sweets all shift long and then spend half my pay on a bag to reward myself for a job well done. I worked there for four sugar filled years very happily.


In my early thirties I needed a lot of  tooth fillings.I spent a small fortune at the dentist. Did that curb my candy chocolate, cake or cookie addiction? Not one bit. I  even sometimes fantasize about owning my own candy shop. My favorite movie was Willy Wonka. There isn’t a candy or a cookie I havent tried. I have jumped up and down and screamed when my dutch licorice I ordered online arrived. Because they don’t sell it here. I would snort sherbet over cocaine any day.


I also like to bake sweet things. Hell I did a post here on Austrian candy. Screw the Schnitzel pass me the Milka. Suffice to say “That I like my sugar “is a massive understatement.

But something shifted in me the last few months. Did I find myself not craving sweets?  NO. Not at all. I found myself slowly wanting more and more sweets. I would only eat a small dinner with no joy, just so it could be time to eat ten Oreos. Real food or savoury food started to lose its taste and I went completely off salad. Which I have always loved eating.

So I decided I really didn’t want diabetes . That unfortunately I am no longer 10 or 18 or even 28 years old. And I can’t eat ever day like I have been invited to a children’s birthday party. Without serious consequences. And possible obesity.


So I quit refined sugar. No cookies. No cakes. No candy. No chocolate. It’s been almost a week. I nearly killed a few people. I had a headache for two days  straight and felt like shit. But by day four I was feeling good and imagining myself model skinny.

I havent been perfect. I still have 1 teaspoon of sugar in my coffee and I ate 3 mini cookies. I drank wine because I am not  a nun and cold turkey may send my body into a coma.

I also ate fruit. But mostly snacking on nuts and seeds and some dried fruit to curb the cravings. All of a sudden I am super interested in what’s for dinner! And my cravings are becoming smaller. I have been eating everything else that’s  non sugar and not limiting my food intake. But it took a while to realise those after dinner sweet cravings actually had zero to do with hunger. And everything to do with sugar and blood levels.

So far so good. I havent killed anyone and I haven’t broken out my emergency gummi bears that  I have hidden in the back of the pantry.  And I am feeling proud. Because will power and limiting myself does not come naturally to me.

So wish me non sugar luck and I will keep you posted on my progress.





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