Painted Leather Vest

I am beyond into customizing my own clothes at the moment. Patches. Emroiderery. And now painting. I bought this leather vest at a second-hand shop a while ago for a few dollars and decided it would make the perfect diy piece.


After looking online for some inspiration. I got out my paint and paintbrushes and just decided to paint what organically came to me. “Don’t look twice” is my favorite Bob Dylan song of all time and also my ringtone so I was inspired on one side of the vest by this. Also along with some paint splatter I made using a sponge.


I illustrated the other side of the vest with a stars and moon motif. Because I am really into the lunar at the moment. Using gold and white paint. I made it messy and free-flowing. I wanted it to look homemade and imperfect.


Apparently acrylic paint is perfectly suitable for leather. Just clean the leather with a damp sponge before painting and allow for it to dry properly. I havent worn this in the rain so hopefully the paint wont run if it does. But then again that could look even better.


This is not an everyday vest. But would be perfect for a festival, concert or a night out. Best thing is no one else has it. I plan on painting a few more leather pieces and customizing more of my clothes. It’s also a great way to update an old unworn item of clothing and breathe a new life into it. Which is better for the environment than buying new mass manufactured clothing.



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