Rediscovering Old Outfits

I am not a hoarder except when it comes to clothes. I consider them my children. The thing I spend most my money on. And which brings me much more joy than is probably healthy.  And I tend not to get rid of many clothes unless they are damaged or way too small than I will ever be again.


The great thing about hoarding clothes is to rediscover a piece that has been lying dormant for a year or two and bring it back to life.  Like this old dress I bought on a whim at Zara eons ago.


I think originally I wore it once or twice. Then it had a turn at being a pyjama item. And then I forgot completely about it. And dug it out a few days ago, and was like “where have you been hiding?” & decided ” I like you again. Lets be friends”


There is nothing better than rediscovering an old item and making or styling  it new. Your wardrobe seems like it could have endless possibilities instead of moaning you have nothing to wear. Its great on the wallet. And good for the environment and stifling your inner consumerist too.

Pinterest is a great tool for gathering inspiration on how to update an old item.  Or style something a bit differently and give an old outfit a new life. Check out my board here old outfits new. And happy pinning!