New Year Old Outfits

In the spirit of my last blog post. Normally I am all about the post-Christmas sales but this year I am on a kick of re-styling. Rediscovering old outfits and updating them into something new.  I wore this dress here  but wanted to give it a cooler more street style vibe.full copy.jpg

So I layered a black turtleneck and added my favourite vintage leather  jacket for a warmer and more casual look than last time. I am really into the idea of winter maxi skirts and dresses. Floral prints on black. Looser silhouettes and things that flow even in the middle of winter.


I even rediscovered this old handbag from Hallhuber – it was the first handbag I bought in Vienna actually. It had been hiding away. I am also a huge sucker for anything with fringe.boho3.jpg

It’s almost New year’s. And I guess I should metaphorically be looking forward  and not back. But maybe that doesn’t apply to my closet? Does it? I don’t know. At least I am not worrying about the future like i usually do.

I can’t wait for this year to be over. But I guess in my haste this is the perfect time of the year to look back and reflect. See what is working and what is not. Much like my trip back to my closet rediscovering old outfits. Somethings are worth keeping and something’s are not. And most of the time the perfect thing is right in front of you but you don’t see it anymore because it’s not new.

On that note happy happy new year. I am going to party like it’s 1999. Be safe. Be warm. Be loved. And be happy another new year is coming.