Grey Coats & New Starts

Hello 2017. I hope you have good things in store. I always feel like each year will be my year. That all my ships will come in. But this year I feel it in my bones. What better way to start the year with a new outfit.


Post Christmas sales I picked up this amazing oversized grey coat from promod. And had to get this perfectly matching sweater as well. I had been looking for the ultimate grey coat for a while and this ticked all my boxes.


Grey √   oversized √   long√  strong shoulder √   50% off √√√√  .Double double yes!


I have a feeling this outfit will become my winter uniform in no time. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear. I also love the mustard color of the sweater. This winter I am into pops of colors. I find them therapeutic in Vienna’s long dreary grey winters.


Why do I want to roll up all my jean cuffs. It’s cold outside but i can’t stop making myself doing it. Hello cold ankles.


Happy new year. May old habits die-hard. And may I become magically thinner with a longer neck this year. May all my dreams and everyone elses come true this year.

Coat  here     Sweater here