I Love Coffee More Than I love You

Sooooo. Totally hung over in that dying way. Where you are filled with shame and a headache. And even your hair hurts. And basically you are a disgrace.  Where you just want to lie in bed all day. The only thing that will get me out of my bed is Coffee. Maybe bacon.


I love coffee so much I call it my morning soup. I don’t think i would ever wake up if there was no promise of coffee. I love coffee more than i love you.


I like coffee so much I even drink decaf sometimes just so i get the taste. I love coffee. Bitter coffee with something sweet to eat.  Sweet coffee. Iced coffee. Oh and a mocha coffee – chocolate + coffee = pure genius.


I like coffee allot. I have my nespresso home 2 cups of coffee before I leave my house. Then i have a real espresso once a day sometimes twice. Before I do anything. I once went sea kayaking with a takeaway coffee. And a funeral.


I have been late to work many times because I refused to start working without getting a coffee. I wont stay anywhere that doesn’t have access to coffee.  I can’t drink too much coffee in a short period. Or my attention span turns into a goldfish. But i have my coffee timing down to a fine science.


So yeah. I like coffee. Flat white, cappuccino, latte, espresso, pumpkin spice lattes, melanges, even babycinos.  Dear coffee thank you for existing.