What Not To Do

What not to do Volume 04

Life lessons from a loser. I am the worst person for advice. A bad example. Completely flawed. Bad influence. Inappropriate. Loud mouthed. Unfiltered. Usually unapologetic. Shrill. Mouthy. And usually failing at life.

Don’t drink a variety of shots and fall out of a cab on the way home. Generally don’t disgrace yourself.

Don’t spill nail polish remover all over your bedspread. It doesn’t smell nice and it makes the fabric weird.

Don’t move to Austria. It’s minus 8 degrees celsius outside. It’s way to cold to be normal. Just don’t move here.

Don’t decide to quit sugar 2 weeks before Christmas. It doesn’t work.

Don’t buy. Or let your husband, boyfriend, partner, lover buy a Playstation for Christmas. It’s super annoying. All they do is play stupid games and stop communicating like humans.