Winter White Is Always Right

Head to toe white is one of my favourite looks. Winter is all about layering and I love using winter white layers because it brightens up a Winters day perfectly. 


I also love braids. Even though my hair is so short. Braids are so feminine. I especially love messy braids because I can’t do neat ones. After watching a million of you tube and online tutorials. I still cant master braids perfectly but for some reason if close my eyes while doing it I can come up with some sort of something.


I also am a sucker for lace. And crochet. And a lot of pretty delicate gold rings.

braid2 copy.jpg

And a turtleneck. It’s my best friend for hiding a weak chin.


A chunky sweater layered over a delicate lace summer dress with leggings instead of tights. I like the mix of textures. And the play between soft & hard in this look.


The only thing I don’t love about winter white is i am a total clutz.

And usually end up spilling and staining every time I wear white.

Whats your take on winter white?