Coconut Oil Winter Skin Remedy

Coco for coconuts my super secret winter skin remedy. Winter skin is not my friend. Living in Austria I never knew my skin could be that pale. And not pretty pale in that peaches and cream/ twilight romantic way. But pale & pallid in the way that I will get asked if I am tired ten times a day. Or questioned how my chemotherapy is going and elderly people start giving up their bus seats for me.  But pale winter skin can’t be avoided. But what can be avoided is dry winter skin.


The constant indoor heating and freezing temperatures in Vienna wreak havoc on my skin. I am talking itchy, red, scaly irritated dry as a bone skin. The best cure-all I have found is organic coconut oil. I usually purchase mine at any health food store or supermarket. And there is literally nothing coconut can’t do.

My coconut oil routine is varied depending on the level of skin dryness.

Body: If my skin is not to dry I will apply a generous coat all over before I shower. Which helps to keep the hot water from further drying out my skin. If my skin is very dry i will apply generously all over after showering. I then pat dry with an old towel and leave on overnight. (remember to wear a pair of old pyjamas) because the oil can stain and your clothes will smell coconutty) I also use coconut oil in my bath and come out with soft hydrated skin. Coconut can also be used as a shaving cream.

Face: I use a small amount of coconut oil on my face at night. I don’t suffer with acne very much but if I do avoid my chin because that’s where I am prone to a pimple or two. I also use it under my eyes for dark circles and extra hydration. Coconut oil is also an excellent make up remover.

Lips: A small dab of coconut oil on my lips before putting on lipstick keeps the color from cracking.

Heels: A generous scoop of coconut oil is magnificent for dry heels. Pumice  your heels and then apply and wear a pair of cozy sock for soft heels.

Hair: Coconut oil can be used as a deep conditioning treatment. But I think that only works on thick hair which I don’t have. I do use coconut oil to tame frizziness and apply a small amount to the ends of my hair to avoid them drying out.

Nails: A great cuticle softener.


There is nothing coconut oil can’t do. It can even be used as a lubricant. Free of chemicals. Anti bacterial, Anti fungal. Natural. I am all aboard the coconut oil train and I am going to ride the coconut train into summer.


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