Getting S#*t Done

One of my many New Years resolutions for 2017 was getting organised. I am hyper organised in some areas and hyper not organised in others. I work from home so it’s so easy for me to become distracted. I will be half working, half doing laundry and half-dressed most of the time. The best investment I made to help me get organised is a simple diary.


We can have all the technology in the world. I have my iPhone calendars synched and many organised apps. But there is nothing like a handwritten list each day to keep me focused and remembering.

Everyday I write a master list of things to do. Things that need doing. Long term goals. Daily chores, ongoing projects. As I go about my day I satisfying cross them off or unsatisfying add something more I have forgotten. And at the end of each day I write a new list for the following day carrying over the things i didn’t achieve that day into the next day. It’s a great way to force you to tackle the things you have been putting off and avoiding.


I also jot down any appointments, notes, etc that I need. I even started carrying it in my handbag. So I am all about the humble diary at the moment. I picked up this inexpensive red diary but already managed to crack the spine. So I am in the market for something new. Shop my top picks below.


1.Kate Spade 2017 Dot Diary       

2. BlackList Desk Diary                 

 3. I Am Very Busy Diary       

4. Kate Spade Pink Diary   

5. Smythson Panana Diary             

6. Make It Happen Diary