Everyday Essentials

My everyday essentials. Things I could live without but really don’t want to. All things I never leave the house without. My go to everyday must haves before I leave my house and start my day.

essentials1.jpgNarciso Rodriguez For Her Perfume. I have tried many scents  in my lifetime and this perfume always stays my favorite. It’s an elegant and delicate fragrance filled with musk,floral, amber and woody notes. I never leave home without a mist of this.

Wrist Watch.  Up until the last few years I never wore a watch. And now its something I feel naked without. I like oversized masculine type watches. And am always looking to add to my collection.

Nail Polish.  I never not have my nails polished. Except maybe a few weeks in summer to give them a vacation of their own. I lean towards either neutral tones as above in Summer/Spring. And dark reds, blacks, navy’s & burgundy in Fall Winter. I love painted nails and nail polish.


Sunglasses. I wear sunglasses everyday even when it’s raining. It’s a habit from Australia. And i just think the world looks better in shade. I don’t wear make up everyday so sunglasses are great cover up. My signature is the Ray Ban aviator and has been for years. But i pretty much like all sunglasses and couldn’t live without sunglasses.

Dark Lipstick. This is a new essential for me. I never used to like lipstick but I think I have reached that sweet spot age wise were lipstick looks great. It adds a bit of drama and makes you feel polished and ready to take on the world.

Jewelery.  My everyday jewelry is my 2 engagement rings (don’t ask). I wear them everyday except when I am mad at my partner and punish him. Even though he doesn’t really notice. And my new half-moon gold necklace I got this year from Christmas. The rest of my jewelry is interchangeable but these are my everyday essentials.

Concealer. I suffer from dark eye circles and don’t often leave the house without a small amount of concealer concealing.

Phone. Because it’s just the way it is. I hate when I forget my phone at home. It makes me panicky.