DIY Crystal Wire Ring

I love crystals. Not as much as diamonds but not far off. I even wear a crystal most days in my bra for extra energy and positivity. My favorite crystal is by far the quartz crystal.

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Quartz is a powerful stone. It is used for psychic protection because it counters black magic and protects from negative energy. Quartz is also very useful on the third eye chakra.

It is an excellent all-purpose crystal healer stone. It is said to amplify healing energy. I don’t know how much of this applies to me but wearing crystals even in my bra remind me to be positive and open to the goodness in the world.



Some great hippie dippie tips on crystals.

When choosing a crystal. You must let the crystal choose you. What do you feel magnified to when choosing the stone? That’s the crystal often for you.

To cleanse a crystal I place it under luke warm water and leave in sunlight to dry a few hours.

Before wearing hold it in your hand or close to your heart and bless the crystal and imagine positive energy. Love. Whatever it is what you are needing.


So  needless to say I have quite a few crystals lying around. So I decided to get crafty and make a wire wrapped ring. I watched a few tutorials online and then just decided to wing it.


I used some thin jewelery wire and wrapped it around my index finger for ring size. I then proceeded to just twist the wire in any which way I kind of felt like. For the base of the ring I constructed a round flat circle by coiling the wire and used a superglue to hopefully hold the ring a little more securely in place. I then wrapped the wire as tightly as I could around the crystal and used a pair of everyday pliers to tuck away and knot the remaining wire.


The results I think are beautiful. I wanted something organic, unpolisihed & raw looking. I just hope the crystal doesnt wriggle its way loose too soon.

Heres hoping for an abundance of crystal healing, positive good vibes.



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