Guns Blazing

Guns blazing. definitely not as in arm muscles guns. I have zero of those. But I do have this rocking Guns N Roses shirt I bought for Halloween 2 years ago. My costume was Axl Rose and i did not hold my liquor that night anything like an 80s rock star.


I took these photos at the old army base in Vienna. I am anti-war but pro old cannons. It took every bit of restraint known me not to straddle them.


I am a total sucker for a band T-shirt.  Anything that is a golden velvet and my trusty boyfriend jeans.


Spring is starting to gently peer its head. And that means happiness. And lighter layers and golden sunsets.


Wearing my new DIY crystal ring. I am so proud it has managed so far to keep together.


So here comes the sun- hopefully a little bit.

T-shirt from here
Mango Blazer here
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