80’s Redux

I have always been a huge fan of 80’s music but fashion wise I would have put it on the bottom of my decade pile. Until recently. My friend and I always have a cocktail girls night every February to celebrate our anniversary of arriving in Vienna. We usually have a theme every year because I am a total sucker for themes. This year a dear friend decided 80’s was going to be the tone of the night this year.


At first I was horrified! 80’s. Legwarmers ? Fluro ? Cheap plastic jewelry ?  Then I decided i needed to dig a little deeper into 80’s and embrace all about i loved. The breakfast club, MTV, 80’s punk scene, Blondie, Brooke Sheilds and Molly Ringwald. All of a sudden I am digging so hard on the 80’s it started to hurt.


It hasn’t hurt that the 80’s trend has hit high street pretty hard lately. Style forecasters predicts a lot of 80’s shapes and trends making a huge return this Spring/Summer. Think ruffles, bralettes, power shoulders and statement sleeves.

Although I ended up wearing a different dress from Zara for 80’s night. I raided this silk gucci print blouse from my boyfriends mothers closet. It even came with awesome shoulder pads and I absolutely ended up adoring it.


I decided to pair with a basic leather skirt and black tights for a more modern twist on 1980’s style. I also had to add my gold chain leibeskind bag because it has a rocking leopard print inside.


What I love about fashion is that it is constantly in flux and its cyclical nature. It’s fluid and fun and frivolous and can even make me love the 80’s fashion again.

Blouse: Vintage
Skirt :H&M
Handbag: Liebeskind

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