Call me crazy?  But I sometimes pretend when I am choosing what to wear some days. That I am terribly famous. Like lady Gaga, JK Rowling, Kanye West type famous. And I am trying to look undercover cool so I don’t get papparazzi’d. But if i did i would look effortlessly chic and end up in a “how to travel in style and stay comfortable” in some trashy magazine article. #goals


I obscure theme dress daily. It’s like day dreaming but with fashion. Sometimes before falling asleep I will mentally pre pack my wardrobe for Paris fashion week. Or for my non existant trip to the Greek islands. When in reality all I am going the next few days is to the nearest supermarket and Starbucks.

This look is called “You kinda don’t want to be seen but you want to look good not being not being seen” This look comes in handy for hangovers, doctors appointments, dirty hair & fat days.


Hat here
Top & Scarf – Vintage
Pants- H&M



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