Babe You Got This

Vienna does this magical thing every spring. It’s like you dropped a whole bunch of hallucinogenics and the sky turns blue. The grass is green again. Flowers start blooming.You litreally hear birds chirping like you are starring in your own Disney movie.  Coming from a country without real seasons. I can only compare spring in Vienna to maybe what was like seeing color TV was the first time.


And you know you have survived another winter which is like a real life version of the game of thrones threat. It’s a weird transition. You filled with joy and outside becomes a pleasant thing again. But it’s like sudden bang. Then you don’t trust spring. Is it really here? You keep checking your weather app to see if tomorrow is really going to be 19 degrees. Can I wear sandals at 20 degrees?  What if it gets cold again?  Can I really trust this? Can i finally feel relaxed and breathe sunshine?


Basically if you are a warm weather expat Winter in Vienna you are in survival mode. You start counting the months left to warmer weather like a retirement from the worst job ever. March is the hardest month for me. My vitamin D level must be dangerously anorexic. I feel like I have made it through the worst of the winter. My flight or fight response. Is to fight the winter like a very cold lion warrior. But come March I retreat to flight like a an anxious poodle with an excited bladder and anxiety issues. I surrender very non graciously usually in a hysterical puddle.


But then Spring finally comes and I finally feel like myself again. I start to feel that connection to earth and nature. I want to hug strangers and dance naked.It is literally akin to what I imagine is bi polar. (undiagnosed) thank you! It is a really beautiful rebirth but its a very stark contrast.


I havent looked this happy since September!!!!! I picked up this shirt at H&M on the super cheap last week. Babe you got this. To be interpreted as in an empowered “I have this on lockdown” or as in “Please pay for dinner lover”. Take your pick I am going with the empowered version! I am going to ride this magical dragon of spring. Renewal. Rebirth. Sunglasses & skirts.

In the infamous words of Robin Williams-

Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’





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