Festival Style

We are coming up to festival season. I personally like to wear festival styled outfits for everyday life.  I do believe strongly I was at Woodstock in a past life. So festival style for me means.


Something loose. I love a muumuu any day of the week. Not belted. Loose and shapeless and free. Something bright or paisley or ruffled. I picked this vintage dress up in Vienna at a secondhand shop for under 10 dollars. I love the color more than life itself. You want to wear something to a festival that is fun & you feel free to dance, sit, eat & sleep in.


A larger bag is a festival style must. Something for if your outfit doesn’t have pockets. is large enough to carry water. A swimsuit. A sarong. Never take a new bag to a festival. It will get ruined, Grab an older distressed lived in handbag you can sling on and off and not worry about getting dirty. Also cross body comes in handy for dancing and moving around.


Good sturdy shoes people. For any type of festival. I learnt my lesson the hard way after cutting my foot once at a festival in the dark because I was wearing sandals. Rain boots are a must if mud is involved in any way. I also learnt this the hard way when wearing flip-flops to a 3 day festival where it rained and had so much mud i ended up going barefoot instead. These boots are new in and i am obsessed with them.


Sunglasses are a festival fashion must because I cant live without sunglasses. The world is way too bright and i prefer to live in the shade.


So that’s my take on festival fashion. Let the good times roll!


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