What Do You Think About Pink?

I am usually not a fan of pink clothes. It’s¬†always seemed to girly and junior for me. But pink fashion is everywhere. On the trees and now even on me. It is so funny how a trend can make you look at something you thought you didn’t like. Then it’s been updated. Or reworked, styled differently and all of a sudden you are on the pink train pulling into pink station. I may have just defined a fashion victim. But all style should evolve and leave some leeway for interpretation. Or maybe I have spring fever.


I started by saying I will abide a dusty pink. A muted rose. More taupe than pink. Then all of a sudden I am eyeing and lusting after hot and bubblegum pinks like a 5-year-old Disney princess.


I love how this photo is blurry. Because life is blurry and so was my aversion to the color pink.