Vintage Vibes

Shopping wise I have being trying to veer off the high street. I prefer to purchase and wear clothes I have ordered online or that are second-hand vintage finds. Vienna is not a hub of recycled clothing. Maybe because this country is so much older historically people want new things not older. Second hand clothing is just not socially considered a fantastic thing here. Sure there are a great amount of vintage designer consignment stores with lots of old Chanel and Gucci. At higher prices.


But as far as combing through the racks at humana or a charity shop for a sequin 70’s jumpsuit it’s not something a lot of Viennese people do. The idea of sustainable or conscious fashion is just not a huge issue here in Vienna. When it really globally needs to be on people’s radar.

Second hand shopping is one of my favourite things to do. I often have dreams of being in a great big warehouse of second-hand clothes and finding treasures like a 60’s folk dress or a pair of 70’s flares. A vintage Harley Davidson t-shirt and a pair of disco platforms. And paying mere dollars for all of them.  Take this blouse here for example. Bought 2nd hand for a few dollars. No one else has it. I adore it and I feel like I am doing something right for the environment. And helping a charity. I am not a saint who isnt immune to a Zara floral kimnono jacket or a quick high street fashion fix. But I like to add it to a mix.

embroidery3.jpg I know a lot of people think 2nd hand clothes are dirty or considered gross. I can’t help think these are the people who are wearing things with or without a logo made in a sweatshop judging me and I find it ridiculous. I do have a few tips and tricks for shopping 2nd hand and making sure the clothes are clean and refreshed. Which I will be sure to write about later. In the meantime dig through your grandmothers closet or raid a second-hand store and find yourself something old and fabulous to give a new life too much like a rescue animal.