Da Denim Tuxedo

I couldn’t love a denim on denim any more than Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake once loved each other. Call it a Canadian tuxedo or double denim. Whatever you want to call it I am in love with it.


The trick with denim on denim I think is to pair differing shades of denim. Whiter shades of denim draw attention while darker shades of denim are more slimming.

bluejean2 copy

Denim is also way better when it’s distressed. Ripped and faded denim is even better than normal denim. Distressed denim is the best denim.


Dont be afraid to dress up a denim on denim look. A luxe shoe is perfect for this look. Or add a bright bag or a bold lipstick.


Keep the accessories small for a more modern look. And denim on denim away. Everyday.