Apartment Therapy Kitchen

Second to fashion – interior decorating is my second love. Just ask my pinterest. I literally can’t spend a length of time in a space without making it my own. Even as a child.  I have decorated every cubicle or office I have ever worked at. I redecorate hotel rooms i stay in. Before I even unpack I place my things in hotel rooms that make me happy. I have taken hideous art off hotel walls and hid them under hotel beds. I once rolled up an ugly hotel room rug and hid it in a closet. It’s a compulsion. I need to claim my space and fill it with things that I think have beauty and make me happy. My home tops that list of spaces and here is a glimpse of what makes me happy.

kitchen main1.jpg

My 80sqm flat in Vienna does not give me a lot of designing decorating space. Coming from Australia I am used to larger living quarters but Europe comes with a price and that price is space. Luckily we live in an altbau (an old building) And have beautifully old ceilings that make it fell larger. But I don’t actually mind small spaces. I find them womb like but I would die for an extra room or perhaps a balcony. Starting with my kitchen which also doubles as my office and art space. I do way more work or creating in this room then I do cooking.


Since I work from home. The dining table is mostly used as a desk for myself. And I sit facing this window most of the time I spend at home. Which is actually a view into my next door neighbours bedroom. Thank god the blinds are always closed. The radiator is covered in magnets because my fridge is integrated into the cabinets. And a kitchen isn’t a kitchen without many magnets.

kitchen 5.jpg

So despite the awesome view I have decorated almost every inch of this space with things that inspire creativity and happiness for me.  I have art on every wall.  A pinboard of memories and images and tickets and postcards. I am NOT an indoor plant person but I love a branch with some tissue pom pom flowers. My nod to nature. I have my easel. Paints and paintbrushes. A chalkboard. And bunting! And other boring kitchen stuff that is functional.


My kitchen has a vintage vibe its bright and colourful. And it inspires some of my best work sometimes. I would love to one day have a wall of metal that acts as a giant magnetic board and I can fill every inch of it. Also I would love some subway tile. An exposed brick wall and a chalkboard door.


By Vienna standards we are lucky to have a larger type kitchen that can fit a dining table. There is no open plan living in this hundreds of year old building. But its nice to have the kitchen in a room of itself as it creates a separate space for me. As we have a one bedroom apartment. So this is the room I make the most magic in, apart from the sex I have in my bedroom. It’s a work in progress ever-changing and updating but mostly adding. The kitchen decorating that is – not the sex. I have gone way off topic.


The kitchen table is from Butlers. The table is no longer available but it’s part of their cabbot cove collection and I have plans to add perhaps this kitchen buffet hutch soon to increase much-needed storage. And now I need a new table because I just saw this Damn it.