Crystal Rose

I call this look momma crystal rose look. Its has everything I love. A floral bed jacket. A hippie printed scarf. A lace little black dress. Crystals & a bib of silver bohemian style necklaces.  This look alternates between 50-year-old chain-smoking interpretative dance instructor to minus the stockings Coachella. And I love the mixture.


The pyjama top/jacket is a new item in that I picked up for €4.00 at the second-hand shop.  I am loving the night wear look all day at the moment.


Second hand shopping is a great way to try out a new trend without breaking the bank before you decide you are into it. A couple of bucks can go a long way in updating a look super easy.


The scarf is also vintage but I have owned it for a long while.  I seem to dig it every spring and let it have a moment.


Necklaces are an assortment of an old tree of life coin necklace I purchased well over 10 years ago. I miss that store. A forever21 cheapie and my homemade crystal on a silver chain. I can’t stop layering necklaces even if they are bigger type pieces.


And lastly the ring is homemade by myself. You can read all about here