Stevie Nicks Style

I have a total fashion boner for kimonos at the moment. I want to dress like a kung fu geisha. I want a beach kimono. A jaquard kimono. A dragon kimono. A lace black and a lace white kimono. Many silk kimonos.


One of my biggest fashion icons is Steve Nicks the queen of rock n roll. And she wore a kimono better then them all.


Stevie Nicks the frontwoman of British bluesy rock band Fleetwood Mac. As a style icon she is the perfect mix between Bohemian and rock n roll style. I even designed my necklace around her infamous crescent moon necklace.


Sometimes it’s not about how it looks – its all about how you feel wearing it and Stevie Nicks wore the hell out of clothes. For more Steve Nicks stardust fashion folk goodness check out my pinterest board for inspo.