My Vienna

There is a million websites and blogs dedicated to Vienna culture and travel. I am not one of those. I attended a classical concert when I first arrived in Vienna expecting to be transported to an upper echelon of culture.  Turns out I have never been so fucking bored in my whole life. I ended up counting the tiles on the ceiling and squirming in my seat for 2 hours. Give me a rolling stones concert any day. Don’t get me wrong I like art and culture and a little history but as far as deep classical culture mine is a cafe type culture.

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So here is my personal top 5 things I like to do in Vienna

1.The Danube in summer.


No surprise here that the beach bunny likes swimming in the Danube river. I call it the Austrian beach. It took a year or two to come around to swimming in the Danube. I imagined it rocky and full of dysentery. But it’s actually super clean. In summer the water is a perfect temperature and I am my most happy in the sun and water. Minus the sand here.

2. Strolling in the city


Vienna is beautiful. I must give it beauty props. The architecture. The churches. The old buildings. The mix of old and new in the city. I love strolling, shopping and people watching in the city.  Going for a coffee. Window shopping on graben. And my favourite view is stephansplatz at night. It lights up so beautifully.

3.  The Therme


Spa culture is just as popular as schnitzel here in Austria. There are so many huge spas everywhere. Swimming. Sauna. Infused steamrooms. Infrared. Massages, Aromatherapy rooms. Lounging beds. It’s a perfect way to survive winter. I love how dedicated the Austrians are to the art of relaxation in the spas here.  But don’t get me started on the nudity.

4. Nature Time


I have never really been a city girl at heart. I like the beach and grew up in smaller towns. Vienna can be so congested and space here is at a minimum living in smaller apartments so I find myself needing nature time.  In spring, summer and fall are great times to get out and start exploring.

5. Prater


Beer, pork and candy floss. I am sold.  It’s an Austrian Disneyland. Including dubious old rides that look a 100 years old. Prater can be way fun if you don’t overdo it. Rides cost a few dollars. There is something called langos which is deep-fried bread.  And the beers are humongous.

These are some of my favourite austrian pastimes. Along with smoking, drinking and eating.  Full of highbrow culture. But they make and keep me happy.

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