Cross Stitch Update

I have been quite behind on a cross stitch/embroidery post for a while. For me it’s more of a cosy winter craft. But there are so many cute summer cross stitch patterns out there I had to share a few. I saw on Instagram a bunch of cute flamingo cross stitch photos. So I searched online for a free pattern and came up empty. So I decided to create my first pattern ever. And I couldn’t be happier with the results and best thing is i can share the pattern with you.


He is a tiny cute easy cross stitch for beginners and perfect for summer.  It’s not a perfect pattern I created but simple and should be easy to follow. I used a grey floss 2 thread for beak, legs and eyes. A bright pink floss 2 thread for the body. A darker pink floss 2 thread for the wing. And a cream floss 2 thread for the beak.


Here is an older cross stitch I created a few months ago. You can find the pattern here. Its perfect gift for any starbucks lover in your life and also a very easy pattern.


Lastly my first attempt at hand embroidery. I found this design and thought it was so sweet. I had to google how to do different type of stitches but it was fun. You can find it here.



So happy stitching.