Classic Summer Style

Sometimes simple is best. Nothing beats a crisp shirt, distressed denim and a pair of converse for an everyday casual but still classy look. Perfect for strolling around on Sundays when I took these great pictures by Belvedere castle in my district of Vienna.

belevedere 5.jpgbelvedere1belvedere3

I am in love with gold jewelry for Summer. It is my favorite precious metal mostly because it suits my skin tone better than silver, rose or white gold.



My Converse have officially reached the perfect desirable lived in level. I give them one more season maybe until they just turn gross and gritty.


Great thing about this outfit is that the shirt & shorts were all purchased 2nd hand for under €10 The shirt was actually found in the mens section which is always a good place to look for shirts that aren’t too fitted and girly. I like to shock people when they compliment me on an outfit by saying how little the whole look costed. Kind of a reverse bragging. Proving sometimes it’s not about what you spend but how you put things together and wear them.